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  3. 「小雪のツイート振り返りセレクション」 Looking back at Koyuki's tweets~ 小雪の怒ってなどいない!! Vol.75~

「小雪のツイート振り返りセレクション」 Looking back at Koyuki's tweets~ 小雪の怒ってなどいない!! Vol.75~

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「小雪のツイート振り返りセレクション」 Looking back at Koyuki's tweets


Hello, everyone. I just realized that there are only 3 months to go till the end of 2014…!
How quickly a year flies by. Come to think of it, I uploaded more than 1000 photos of Koyuki since I started tweeting.


Let's look back and see the most popular tweets between June and the beginning of September, 2014.


同一猫物 The same cat


This one shows how different Koyuki looks when she has the evil-looking face and when she is normal. The left photo is her completely-not-upset face!

チューブのおもちゃを追いかけ回して、興奮ぎみ。 すごく楽しんでいる小雪 Chasing after a tube toy and getting excited. Koyuki is having fun


This is Koyuki's face when she is playing with toys. This expression is definitely a happy one.

どこいってたのさ Where were you?


Koyuki's welcome. Her accusing gaze tells what is on her mind.

小雪がこっち向いてくれないから台座ごとくるっとこちらに向けたらこの表情。 Koyuki didn't want to look into the camera, so I turned the seat. Then I got this face.


Koyuki gave me this "I'm not upset" look when I turned the Gari Gari lounge (sofa-shaped scratch board).

午前中、予防接種につれていかれ不機嫌 In a bad mood after the vaccination this morning


Koyuki became grumpy from all the palpation at the animal hospital. This is truly her "I am upset!!" moment.

話は聞かせてもらった……! I heard you……!


Please look closely at Koyuki's chest hair. It's so fluffy.

ここで気象情報です Now the weather…


Koyuki is about to tell the weather news from inside the paper bag.


Since the end of July, I started to use an app called “Vine” with which you can make and share 6 second loop videos. These are Koyuki’s videos using Vine.

水飲みマシーンと化した小雪 Koyuki became a water drinking machine

今日も水飲みマシーン Once again, Koyuki is a water drinking machine


She puts her heart and soul into the act of drinking. She is a true water drinking machine!

迫りくる小雪 Looming Koyuki


This is the horror of looming Koyuki. Can you feel Koyuki’s aggressiveness?


And now come the irresistible photos: Koyuki’s fluffy collection!

白玉?クリームパン? Rice-flour dumplings? Or custard cream buns?

つついちゃいけない24時 No poking 24 hours


Rice-flour dumplings, custard cream buns… Koyuki’s front paws are often compared to a variety of yummy foods.

ベロッ ベロッ ベロッ ベロッ Lick, lick, lick, lick


After taking these photos, I realized that she has “such a long tongue!” and I just had to post them. It is so amazing to know that such a long tongue is hidden in such a small mouth!


Finally, I want to show you one more Vine video.

にらめっこに気まずくなってペロッとする Koyuki stuck her tongue out when she felt awkward doing a staring contest

いかがでしたか? 小雪と目が合ったでしょうか。にらめっこ合戦に勝てましたでしょうか?

So? Did you catch Koyuki’s eye? Were you able to win the staring contest?


Koyuki’s daily photos can be seen here



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